We were not typical clients; no one else could be as indecisive and time-consuming as we were. That’s why it is fortunate that Bob Clarke and John Matthews are not typical realtors. Over a period of three years, Bob traipsed through forests, climbed over rocks, and even paddled a canoe, all with the goal of finding us just the right thing. Part psychologist, part marriage counsellor, part psychic, part professor – Bob and John patiently, so very patiently, provided wise advice. Not once did we ever hear exasperation although we deserved it. I am deeply grateful for their expertise and their kindness. They truly live up to Bob’s repeated mantra: “I just want to see you happy”.

“I wanted to take the time thank you personally for all of the effort in both the sale of our properties and the purchase of our new cottage. In every aspect, you exceeded our expectations, and made it a pleasure to work with you. I have worked with many real estate agents and let me tell you that you beat them hands down. Not only were you attentive to our requirements, you were patient with us.

You have a very good grasp of property values. However, where you excelled the most was your extensive knowledge of the local building codes and giving us excellent advice on how to deal with the township on getting our occupancy permits on both the sale and purchase side.

I also wanted to tell you that the true test of our satisfaction is that we have recommended you to several of our friends. We would only do that if we felt comfortable with your knowledge and integrity.”

- Stephen and Suzanne Miles

“Muskoka is a place that takes the stress completely away. Whatever is going on in life, Muskoka knows how to fix it. That was the exact relationship I had with Clarke construction and real estate team. They took the stress completely out of building a cottage and made it enjoyable and relaxing. They take pride in developing a true understanding of what you want to get out of your Muskoka experience and deliver on it. The Clarke team takes care of you because you become friends through the process and they know that Muskoka needs to stay a stress free paradise.”

Jesse & Shantelle Tipping